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The manor of Battersea belonged to the crown in 1066, but King William transferred it to Westminster Abbey shortly after the Norman conquest. It became one of the most important manors in Abbey's support network.

The manor was surrendered to the crown in 1540 during Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries and later sold to the St John family. It passed into the hands of the Spencer family around the end of the 18th century, and Princess Diana was a descendant.

Battersea was best known in the 17th-19th centuries for its market gardens, which provided vegetables, fruit, and flowers to London markets. The riverbank near St Mary's Parish Church remained a Battersea Village. Along the waterfront, industries were starting to emerge.

The arrival of railways in Battersea in the 1830s had a significant influence. As the former market gardens and farms were quickly gobbled up by railway firms, speculative housebuilders, and a variety of other enterprises, the population grew from 6,617 in 1841 to 168,907 in 1901. Price's Candles, Morgan Crucible, and Garton's Glucose Works, as well as wheat mills, breweries, and utilities like the Nine Elms Gas Works, were among them. The establishment of Battersea Park in 1858 came barely in time to prevent the industry from engulfing the entire Thames-side district of Battersea.

The existence of the Royal College of Art in Battersea, which was granted university status in 1967, has attracted media and fashion-related businesses. Property prices in Nine Elms are projected to rise to levels comparable to those in Kensington and Chelsea as a result of the regeneration of Battersea Power Station and the continuous change of the neighborhood. Transport connections will also be upgraded, with a new Northern Line at Battersea Power Station slated to open in the coming years.

Battersea's vision for the twenty-first century is to be recognized as a great location to live and work by preserving its history, sustaining its life and community in the present, and promoting its future. Although progress is being made on social housing, particularly on Prince of Wales Drive, there is little indication that the need for affordable housing, particularly for families, will be fully addressed anytime soon.

Important locations & renovation projects in Battersea 

  • Battersea Park, one of the best public parks where people are not crowding. And perfect for a relaxing day with beloved people. With a boating lake, duck pond, tennis courts, mini-golf courses, visiting Pump House, Go-Ape Battersea Park, running track, bike hire, cafes, and Battersea Park Zoo close to the Chelsea Gate Entrance. The zoo is home to multiple species of mammals and many farmyard animals.  This London park has a lot to offer everyone. Battersea Park is also full of culture and history, such as the Large Buddhist Peace Pagoda overlooking the Thames.   From central London  to Battersea Park, by bus  (41 m.)  
  • The Albert Bridge is the best spot to see amazing views of London. In particular, at night, when the whole structure is beautifully illuminated with hundreds of tiny lights. From Battersea Park to Albert Bridge by walking only 381 ft.
  • The new Royal College of Art Battersea Campus. The exhibitions studio for catalyzing new connections between art design, science, and technology. Studio proposal for creating a flexible yet powerful hub for interdisciplinary innovation and community on its urban site. The expansion of the Royal College of Art has encouraged creative industries such as the Royal Academy of Dance to move into the area, and the riverfront between Vauxhall and Chelsea bridges has been opening for public use for the first time since the pre-industrial era. From Battersea Park to Albert Bridge by walking only 0.6 km. 
  • Battersea Square has a lot of well-known restaurants and bars. It's a delightful place for a spot of dining, from Battersea Park to Battersea Square by walking 900 m.
  • St Mary's, Battersea, pre-eminent as the original parish church, has been the subject of an exhaustive study, J. G. Taylor's Our Lady of Batersey (1925).
  • Battersea Power Station Redevelopment. Battersea Power Station was supplying a fifth of London's electricity. After decades of sitting de-relict, it is now being redeveloped into a new destination for London. From Battersea Park to Battersea Power Station Redevelopment by walking 1.6 km.

The 21st century has seen another raft of changes in north Battersea with the wholesale redevelopment of the iconic Battersea Power Station site and in the Nine Elms area, which now houses the US Embassy. 

Public transportation from Battersea to central London

Path in google map from Battersea Park (every tube station around Battersea) 

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