Condo Investment in Thailand Can Offer Immediate Returns

Apr 2020


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Condo Investment in Thailand Can Offer Immediate Returns

Condo investment in Thailand offers both Thais and foreigners the chance to enter the property market as an owner of their residence. It can also be a sound investment strategy in gradual stages, or to take the plunge and put their money to work.

List Sotheby’s International Realty Thailand (LSIRTH) offers luxury condos for sale that will provide you with a place to reside while your investment gains in value. Our condos in Bangkok are located in some of the prime areas of the city that have experienced a marked rise in popularity as a residential location.

These areas are mainly those along the public rapid transit lines. They also provide convenient access to fine restaurants, upscale shopping malls, quality international schools, and hospitals that make the areas attractive to families relocating to the city for work and business purposes.

As these areas continue to improve and provide more resources, they become more attractive to people looking to relocate. This causes an increase in the demands for condos and an increase in the value of the condos themselves. This makes condo investment particularly attractive in these areas of the city. 

Buying a Condo as an Investment

Condos are one the only way that a foreigner can invest in the property market in Thailand as a sole owner. The purchase of a condo in Thailand grants the buyer full ownership rights of their unit and partial ownership of the condo complex the unit occupies.

A condo investment in a popular and high-demand area of the city can be a wise choice to make for a foreigner, as these condos enjoy a steady rate of occupancy and generally feature an excellent return on the investment price.

There are many people in Bangkok, Thais and foreigners alike, who have invested in multiple condos. They may buy a single unit in a popular area. With the rental fees paying more than the cost of the financing, they can add additional units to their portfolio in a shorter amount of time.

Buying a luxury condo is an even better investment as these units are fewer in desirable neighborhoods. A luxury condo consisting of multiple bedrooms that offer the finest views and deluxe amenities in a popular area of the city can ask for much higher rental fees exponentially than one in a less popular area.

High Returns Mean High Demand

As these luxury condos in desirable neighborhoods are fewer in number, the demand for them as condo investment vehicles is much higher. But by keeping an eye on the property market, you may be able to purchase them early in the condo project's development.

The returns from the rental fees and resale profits can make these condos worth the wait during the construction phase of the development. But there never is a bad time to buy these luxury condos. With the ultimate segment individuals constantly relocating to Bangkok, they never stay vacant for long.

List Sotheby’s International Realty Thailand Provides Luxury Condos

With the market in these premier, luxury condos remaining brisk, even in a weak economy, LSIRTH is the company you should turn to for investing in luxury condo investment in Bangkok. We have many listings for these superior, deluxe condos in the most desirable locations in the city.