Here are 7 Types of Coffee You Should Know Before Ordering

Oct 2019



‘Life Begins After Coffee’ A pleasant coffee aroma always makes you feel good and that is all you needed to get through the day. Its invigorating taste also makes coffee a crowd-pleaser. The unique flavor combinations amazingly wake people up instantly and seem to make them feel calmer.

There are many types of coffee in the world, some people may wonder, which types of coffee are suit them? As a beginner, this might be the hardest question to find a perfect cup of coffee. Some are too bitter, others are too weak. Today List Sotheby's International Realty, Thailand will clear all your doubts with 7 different types of coffee and help you order coffee like a pro.


Originated in Italy, Espresso comes from the full term of 'Caffè Espresso' which directly refers to its process by pushing the freshly fine-ground coffee bean essence through a special machine using steam and water until creating a highly concentrated brew. The original ingredient requires only the strong coffee smell and its rich flavor. Espresso also suitable for people who have to lose or control weight. For those who’s just getting into coffee, be aware that Espresso might be overly bitter.


Are you a starter into the world of coffee? Then Cappuccino is your best cup. Its gentle flavor is so creamy and smooth to drink. Cappuccino has been developed in the capital city of coffee, 'Italy'. To put it simply, Cappuccino is espresso-based coffee prepared with steamed milk foam. This kind of coffee seems to have been invented for coffee people loving milk foam. It is best drinking with sprinkled cinnamon or cocoa powder. Traditionally, Italians love to have Cappuccino with toasted bread, biscuits or cookies. Such a perfect combination of breakfast!


Drink coffee and smell the chocolate aroma is something coffee beginners are fond of. This chocolate-flavored coffee is derived from coffee-plant species Coffea Arabica. It has cocoa-like smell that’s why drinking a cup of mocha could satisfy your chocolate craving. Today's coffee has gone far to the next step by mixing espresso coffee drink with cocoa or chocolate to make it taste better. Added on top is milk foam where it has become a part of coffee we drink today. To produce striking Latte Art is also a new coffee trend you need to know about!


The intensely concentrated espresso blending with velvety texture of steamed milk creates one of the most popular types of coffee. Latte is an Italian term for milk. Nowadays you can see Latte matched with other menus in many coffee shops as a new drink menu such as Matcha Latte or green tea with milk. Latte is typically made with one shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk. It has more subtle flavor and higher milk content compared to Cappuccino, the latter has stronger espresso flavor, however, that also means more calories taking in.

5.Flat White

Arguably invented in Australia and New Zealand, Flat White is a coffee drink with higher proportion of coffee to milk, providing a strong taste of espresso but creamy mouthfeel of steamed milk. So this kind of milky coffee is for any coffee drinkers who prefer sweeter and lighter coffee flavor and a great pair to flat white could not be anything but coffee cookies!


An Americano is the espresso diluted with hot water for those who like strong coffee to enjoy. A story goes that it was founded during the golden age of coffee franchises when the American soldiers found that Italian espresso was too strong so they add hot water without any additives. But the result turned out to be creating a richly flavored coffee with invigorating effect. Americano also has the least calories among kinds of coffee drinks, making it the best caffeinated drink to shed the pounds.


Doppio is also known as double espresso. It is an Italian term referring to a coffee drink with two shots of espresso, Doppio is not coffee for beginners as it produces a very concentrated, strong coffee flavor making you feel energized. Beginner drinkers are recommended to better try something delightful such as coffee with milk to slightly develop your coffee drinking habit.






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