Buy A Luxury Home In Bangkok with List Sotheby's International Realty

Apr 2020


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Buy A Luxury Home In Bangkok with List Sotheby's International Realty

List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand (LSIRTH) offers many luxury homes for sale in Bangkok. Each home reflects certain aspects of the city that cater to different types of people. Before you buy a luxury home in Bangkok, you should explore the areas in and around the city to ensure you’re buying the right home for you and your family.

The city of Bangkok is vast, with many residential areas in and around the city. Each of these areas and neighbourhoods has something to offer the resident. For some regions within Bangkok's CBD, it is the convenience and excitement of being in the heart of the city and in the midst of all the colour and vibrancy that Bangkok has to offer.

For other outlying neighbourhoods, its expansive gardens, a private swimming pool and a walled estate. For still other gated communities, it is 24-hour security, a community fitness centre and swimming pool, quality international schools nearby and convenient shopping in upscale shopping centres and malls.

Choose Your Area of Bangkok

Where you choose to purchase a home reflects the lifestyle you hope to lead. For our most affluent buyers, it is generally a walled estate within the CBD area that affords all the comforts and space of a suburban location, but still offers the convenience of being close to the bright lights and action.

Or it may be a stunning penthouse condominium that offers sweeping views of the Chao Phraya River, a private swimming pool on the terrace, and a dedicated concierge service.

Still, other affluent customers prefer the quiet spaciousness of a home away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. They can raise their children in safety and comfort, provide a quality education for them in local international schools and watch them play with their dog in the lush, expansive garden that lower land costs outside the city easily provide.

We Provide the Ultimate Luxury Homes for Sale in Bangkok

Once you have explored the city and seen what the different areas offer, log on to our website to discover the luxury home listings we offer in every area of Bangkok. From penthouse condominiums in the sky to luxury gated communities and expansive walled estates, to buy a house in Bangkok from LSIRTH is to expect the best and to get the most luxurious house imaginable.

Our homes will enhance your lifestyle with the range of amenities they offer and the quality of their design and construction. Whether you prefer a more traditional-looking home or a sleek, ultra-modern design, LSIRTH will be able to provide your home in the location you desire.

Experience the Best of Bangkok

Our agents are experts at seeking out the most luxurious homes in the city. They have an eye for quality design and construction that far surpasses the ordinary. Please explore all the listings we offer of luxury homes for sale in Bangkok.

You will discover homes that will suit the most affluent and discriminating home-buyer. Homes that will reinforce the standard of living that you have achieved and seek to enjoy every day.