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Apr 2020


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List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand Know Property Investment

The investment property needs of individuals and families and investment companies and private investors who invest for a living are different. The investment needs of individuals and families usually center around investing in a home, while the needs of an investment enterprise are much more complex. In both cases, List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand (LSIRTH) can deliver sound advice on property investment in Thailand.

Individual and Family Property Investment Advice

For individuals and families in the upper-income brackets, LSIRTH will help you locate the investment property that suits your needs. It may be a home that you can live in that will continue to grow in value until you decide to sell.

Or it may be that your family has a home that you are satisfied with, and you are ready to invest in the Thailand property market in order to increase the family’s wealth. Our team of specialists at LSIRTH are experts in being able to find the property investment opportunity that will match your family’s budget and amount of investing experience.

From investments in individual condos for rent that will serve as an ongoing monthly return on your investment, to investing in parcels of land in soon to be desirable areas of Thailand, our agents will recommend numerous opportunities all over the country of Thailand that would be perfect for a family investment.

These investments are generally long-term investments. Although they may provide monthly dividends such as a tenant’s rent payment, the investors usually will not see a significant return of their investment until the property is sold. Still, this type of investment is valuable as a stable and secure investment in a family’s future.

Recommendations and Advice for Investment Enterprises

LSIRTH also specializes in providing advice and recommendations on property investment in Thailand for investment enterprises, whether it is an enterprise of one or one hundred individuals.

We have the ability to deliver solid data on the property market in all areas of Thailand. We can provide recommendations on which segments of the property market are the most and least volatile. We can also offer macro-analyses of different areas of a region, such as Bangkok, to provide investors with the knowledge to buy or sell properties as infrastructure improves, rapid transit lines are put in, and schools are built.

All of these improvements affect the land and housing prices of the area in question and can lead to significant investment gains with timely information. We keep our ear to the ground to keep our investors up to date on the best opportunities to increase the value of their holdings and the best time to liquidate those holdings as well.

Investment Property Advice You Can Trust

At LSIRTH, we back up our recommendations and advice with sound data, reliable forecasts, solid information, and logical reasoning. By trusting the investment advice offered by our experts, we can help you realize your goals in property investment in Thailand. For both individuals, families, and investment enterprises, we can offer financial success.