Quality Land for Sale in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Apr 2020


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Quality Land for Sale in Chiang Mai, Thailand

List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand (LSIRTH) offers land for sale in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whether you’re looking for land for sale in Thailand as an individual or as a developer, look first to LSIRTH. The plots of land we have available around the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai each have their unique characteristics and attractions that make them premier locations for condominium complexes, townhouses, luxury gated communities, or private luxury homes.

The city of Chiang Mai is the ancestral home of the Lanna culture and served as the capital city for this culture in the distant past. The ‘Old Town’ section of the city still holds walled structures circling the former kingdom and many museums and ruins that offer a glimpse into the city’s colorful past.

But it is also a modern city of business that is rapidly growing to serve the needs of the northern Thai population that calls the city home in this day and age.

Facilitating Quality Developments

LSIRTH assists developers in their efforts by offering land in Thailand for sale in this part of the country by listing plots of land in and around the city that are large enough and suitable for developing quality residential accommodations.

By taking the guesswork out of finding suitable properties in the Chiang Mai area for development, we ease the developer’s workload and facilitate the development process by the services we offer to the development community of Thailand.

These services include Domestic Resales services to ultimate segments of the Thai buying public, and rental services to affluent members seeking luxury homes.

To developers directly, we offer Project Sales and Marketing Management services that help developers sell their project’s units and free them of the responsibility of managing them once they’re occupied. We also offer a Developer Consultancy service in which LSIRTH partners with the developer and serves in an advisory capacity.

Our Investment & Land Service is what developers generally use when they have discovered the perfect plot of land for sale in Thailand for luxury hotels, condominiums, townhouses, or houses.  This service facilitates the acquisition of the land.

All these services are designed to ease the workload of the developer and to streamline the development process from the concept design, to the groundbreaking, to the grand opening of the project.

Helping Individual Buyers Reach their Goals

For individual buyers who are looking for the perfect parcel of land in Thailand for sale in which to build their bespoke, luxury home, we offer our Domestic Resales service, which helps them liquidate existing properties to free up capital for their most important project.

There are many parcels of land for sale in Chiang Mai Thailand, both in and around the city, that would be the perfect site for an exclusive, luxurious and spacious custom house. These expansive plots of land would be suitable for large multiple bedroom homes with surrounding gardens, swimming pools, and leisure facilities that would ensure the comfort of the ultimate segment of the Thai buyers.

For developers and individuals alike who are looking for expansive quality properties in the Chiang Mai area, look to LSIRTH to deliver the answer to your dreams.