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May 2019


Media Release, Property Related

Once positioned in the forefront of the art auction industry, drawing international treasure hunts, List Sotheby’s International Realty has made a successful turning point as a world-leading high-end real estate agency, alternatively stated, one of the few luxury brands that has become your personal assistance fulfilling your dream home come true.

Globally recognized as one of the upmarket real estate brokerage services providers, Sotheby's International Realty connects independent real estate companies with prestigious customer base worldwide in delivering domestic and international top-quality property which corresponds to our customer’s insight needs. More significantly, enthusiastic to serve is at the heart of every List Sotheby’s sales representative without compromising on reliability and credibility. Our dear customers are of the most precious that’s why we’ve relentlessly pursued and developed technologies in aiding your home design an easier thing to do. The so-called application ‘Curate’ was invented to facilitate a 3D home design possible with a smart support through our wide connection with online stores.

List Sotheby’s International Realty, Thailand’s services comprise of sales agents, a one-stop real estate consultant and sales management. As our new hub, Thailand is the sixth subsidiary in the Asia region with significant potential for growth. In this regard, we aim to target individuals with unique identity, a niche market on the lookout for upscale real estate well managed by a team of professionals specifically Thais, expats living in Thailand, foreigners in the overseas market e.g. Europe, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and to name a few.

Proudly presenting from the upper middle to super luxury real estate projects of condominium, residential houses, quality villas that sit in a prime location both domestically and abroad, our world-class technology, and exclusive service cater well to all classes of customers whose decision towards real property are carefully made as part of their special taste reflection – whether for living or a good investment. 

Our three main standards that define our uniqueness

1.Professional Support Team

We put great investment in our human resources and treat them as our valuable asset so as to ensure our client’s nearest assistants deliver standard services throughout each time of your experience with us. Above all else, providing precise information and be a good advisor is at our core, leaving our customers a lasting impression with comfort and trust in our services.

2. A Real Expert in Real Estate

Our eagerness to learn, research deep into our customer’s insights with helping hands of experts in the fields brought us to where we are now – A Global Luxury Real Estate Agency that offers the best alternative from thoughtful plan covering location, project design & layout, cost management, construction management, after-sales service and a list goes on.

3. Premium Quality with Class

Fulfilling every distinct character and taste of urban dwellers, List Sotheby’s International Realty allows you to be the proud owner of unrivalled real estate where living your private quality time with family is simply feasible. Added to this is our developed mobile application ‘Curate’ and ‘SIR Application’, designed to facilitate the access to our products and services. In other words, to make a property purchase a decision that you will not regret later.



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