Find the Right Luxury Properties for Sale in Bangkok

Apr 2020


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Find the Right Luxury Properties for Sale in Bangkok

For many in the ultimate segment of homeowners, buying the best home is simply not enough. Their dream is to find the ultimate luxury property for sale in Bangkok and build the home of their dreams. This will be a home that is created precisely to their specifications, with a quality of design and construction that meets the exacting standards they created in all aspects of their life.

But finding the property for sale in Bangkok that matches the location they have in mind can be an elusive task. Either it is too far from the city, or it is too small. The conveniences of their lifestyle come into play as well. It cannot be too far from convenient shopping malls or offer an unpleasant view of the surroundings.

Finding that piece of Bangkok real estate takes the knowledge and experience of experts in the real estate market of Bangkok. List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand (LSIRTH) is able to offer that level of knowledge and experience because we provide this aspect of real estate development as part of our portfolio of services.

We offer both an Investment and Land service as part of our portfolio of quality services. And with our Developer consultancy service, we will be able to see your project through to completion.

Create Your Luxury Home

Creating your own bespoke luxury home in Bangkok can be a crowning achievement for anyone. But with the right piece of Bangkok real estate, your home can also serve as one of your finest investments. In Bangkok, the location of your home is a significant factor in the value of the home.

Having a luxury home on one of the best choices in Bangkok real estate, can add significantly to the value of your home and make the house one of your wisest investment decisions.

LSIRTH has the experience skill to carefully analyze property values over all the residential areas of Bangkok. You can use the data as part of your selection process in finding the most valuable area for you to begin construction of your dream home.

Everything You Desire in a Home

With our developer consultancy service, the construction of your home will be a hands-off affair if you so desire. We can manage the project from the ground level up and provide turn-key service. We can also work beside you if you want to be more involved in the creation of your home and offer experiences, recommendations and suggestions along the way.

We will be there to offer whatever service you require on the way to realizing you and your family’s dreams. With the depth of knowledge and experience we have, your project will proceed on schedule and on-budget.

But the first stage of your project is finding the right Bangkok property for sale that meets your exacting standards for size, location and surroundings. Trust LSIRTH to make your choices easy by providing you with the best and most up-to-date information on the properties that you’d be most interested in considering. Let our Investment and Land Service lead the way to your new home.