Buy Property for Sale in Phuket with List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand

Apr 2020


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Buy Property for Sale in Phuket with List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand

List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand (LSIRTH) has many luxury houses for sale in Phuket including land, and many luxury condominiums as well. The island has been a hotbed of luxury developments throughout the early 21st century. This rapid development was initially concentrated on the western "gold coast" of the island.

But as available properties became more scarce on the western shores as years went by, developers began exploring other areas of Phuket in an effort to find the most unique and beautiful properties on which to develop luxury homes and condos.

Currently, property for sale in Phuket spans the island, offering a wide variety of views and environments. From beach property for sale in Phuket to hillside luxury homes with panoramic views of the Andaman Sea.

The "Gold Coast" of Phuket

The western “gold coast” has traditionally been the most desirable area on the island by virtue of the spectacular tropical sunsets it provides to residents and tourists. The mountainous peninsulas jutting out into the Andaman Sea between wide, white-sand beaches, as well as the nightlife of Patong and Kamala, and the leisure lifestyle of the Laguna Resort complex, is a lure for many of the ultimate segment of buyers on the island.

The west coast of Phuket offers some of the finest restaurants, golf courses, and shopping for name-brand goods on the island.

The Fast-growing East Side of Phuket

As the west coast development matured over the years, developers began exploring the east side of the island for development opportunities. Areas such as Rawai, Cape Panwa, and Ao Yon Beach began to see high-quality developments appear on their beaches and surrounding hills.

Luxury homes and condos were the structures of choice. The luxury beach properties for sale on Phuket’s eastern shore offer some of the most stunning views of Pha Nga Bay along with spacious terraces, private swimming pools, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Because of this development, high net-worth individuals looking for unique, exclusive homes in a beautiful area of the island are increasingly looking for property in Phuket for sale on both sides of the island. 

List Sotheby's International Realty Thailand has a Variety of Properties in Phuket

Investing in a luxury house for sale in Phuket is always a wise choice. The island is increasing in popularity, guaranteeing the stability of your investment.

LSIRTH offers spacious condos with panoramic views of the beaches and seas of Phuket and spectacular houses situated on hilltops that offer exclusivity and a privileged lifestyle of leisure. All of our listings are representative of the ultimate lifestyle in a tropical island paradise.

The homes all feature modern kitchens and bathrooms, with both traditional and contemporary well-designed architecture. The condos all offer luxurious swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security. The houses may be in a gated that ensures privacy, or in a walled enclosure on an elevated lot that provides a panoramic view of the beaches and the Andaman Sea far below.

Whether you’re looking for land, a condo, or a luxury house for sale in Phuket, LSIRTH is the company that will help you discover the most exceptional properties on the island.