Travel Thursday: A Day in Taipei, Taiwan

Feb 2021


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Travel Thursday: A Day in Taipei, Taiwan

To celebrate the month of Lunar New Year, this week our World Travel Thursday will bring you to a prosperous island with significant changes in these past few years. Taiwan is the first in Asia to legalized same-sex marriage in 2019. Taiwan also shows its outstanding coordination and discipline, becoming a place where COVID-19 is completely under control in today’s situation where in many places eating out and gathering with loved ones may be a challenge. In fact, during the recent turn of events, many successful Taiwanese - American in the Silicon Valley had chosen to return to Taiwan and take up an active role in supporting and facilitating the new startups’ culture there, including YouTube co-founder, Steve Chen.

Taiwan has for a long time been prosperous with its economic transformation, it relies heavily on its technology sector as a specialist in manufacturing outsourcing. However, many know Taiwan not of its role in the technology manufacturing field, but rather as a food lover’s heaven. Regardless, you might have heard of some Taiwanese’s big name, be it TSMC or Din-Tai-Fung.

TSMC Head Quarter

Once travelling resume again, Taipei could be a great place to start. The capital city, Taipei, is full of culture and unique sites. It is also home to a variety of delicious cuisine. Taiwan is also home to many famous dishes including Boba Milk Tea, Ding Tai Fung’s soup dumplings, stinky tofu, and pig’s blood cake. On both sides of the street at Jiu-Fen Old Town, it is lined with delicious exotic snacks, the beautiful scenery at the mountain town is the backdrop of the famous Spirited Away anime film by Studio Ghibli.

Jiu-Fen Old Town
Jiu-Fen Old Town in Spirit Away Anime Film

Taiwan is a small island but it is full of diverse natural resources and beautiful scenery, in Taipei people can take a train up to Beitou for a hot bath in the natural hot spring, or ride the train to Danshui River, a popular site for lovers to take a stroll on a nice day. Other than the natural sites. Taiwan is famous for its night markets, many street foods were invented in these markets and made their presence worldwide, including Gua-Bao Pork Bun or the Hot Star Fried Chicken. The night markets are also dotted with a dozen Boba Milk Tea shops, in fact, wherever you walk to on Taiwanese street, you are sure to find the familiar-looking beverage shops, serving up this national drink.

Beitou Hot Spring

One does not visit Taipei City and not remember seeing Taipei 101 in the background. This building was once the tallest building in the world and this skyscraper tower over all the other buildings in comparison. Since Taiwan is prone to earthquakes, all the buildings in Taipei do not get built to be that tall, but Taipei 101 defy all the difficulties and today stood as the symbol of pride for Taiwanese. Each and every year on the New Year Day’s celebration, the building host the nation’s biggest and most-watched fireworks display.

Fireworks ring in the 2017 New Year at the Taipei 101 building

Taiwanese government always try to attract foreigners to spend more time to get to know the nation more, there are many scholarships opportunities for people who look to further their studies there. The Taiwanese are very friendly and love to welcome their guests. Most Taiwanese you meet will be able to speak enough basic English to communicate with you, but even if they do not, you will know from their friendly disposition that they truly welcome your visit.

Taiwan pearl milk tea with bubble at Ximending in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is also an ideal location for expats, in 2019, ranked Taipei as the best city for expats to live in, and for the list above you can easily guess why, from the fast trains, delicious food, beautiful nature, and people. Taipei is easily the top choice for anyone who wishes to make themselves at home in a new city.

There are several neighbourhoods in Taipei where we would strongly recommend anyone to hold assets, as Taipei is a small city with all the potential, the real-estate here is and always have been very sought after. The nation being so wealthy also make it possible for big luxury apartments and mansions to change hands often. If you want to learn more about Taipei’s real estate investment or relocation opportunities, please feel free to contact us:

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